A picture of the Community Education Centre under construction in Cateura

Construction begins on Community Education Centre

Shovels are in the ground to build the Community Education Centre in Cateura.

Thanks to the generous donations during last year’s Recycled Orchestra Tour — and together with our local partner, the community organization Harmonia — we acquire an old building that came up for sale in the neighbourhood.

Unforeseen flooding in the city of Asuncion and a delay in obtaining the necessary permits caused a setback in construction, but in February we officially broke ground on what will become a vibrant community centre.

The centre will house workshops for the parents that will help them learn about health and hygiene, financial literacy and other life skills. It will include a space for children to just be children while their parents are out pursuing employment.

It will be a space for the Recycled Orchestra to practice – and it will house music classes for the more than 200 children who are now enrolled in the program.

Our Long-Term Plans

The community of Cateura attracts a lot of storytellers who come with cameras and leave again.

As an organization, we have committed to a long-term partnership.

We have purchased land, a building and equipment. We have committed our presence to the people. We plan to stay involved with the education of the children in the community, so that every child can build a hopeful future.

For now, we are starting with the Community Centre to gain the trust of the community and establish a relationship.