Belen’s Story

Belen is a star student at the La Amistad School in Asuncion, Paraguay.

She loves hanging out with her friends and taking care of her little brother.

Her mom couldn’t be more proud of her.

That’s because Belen is beating all odds simply by going to school.

At her age, in her neighourhood, she should be learning how to hustle on the streets.

Instead, she is learning math and science. She is learning history and language and music. And she is learning about the love of God.

The La Amistad school is a beacon of hope in the crime-ridden neighbourhood of Puerto Botanico, where it is easier for young people to enter a life of crime than to enter a school.

Together with generous supporters like you, we built the school from the ground up at the urging of a local pastor. He himself was assaulted and nearly killed by teenagers he recognized from his daycare program years ago. Belen’s life could have followed a similar path. She fits all the right criteria.

But today, Belen is on her way to build a hopeful future because people like you invested in the vision of the school and helped provide teachers, textbooks, uniforms and daily nutrition — all in a loving, safe environment.

On October 5th, we will be celebrating the dedication ceremony of the La Amistad School.

Because of an incredible effort by Generation Rising supporters over the last three years, the school is now completely finished construction.

We are still looking for Canadian partners who will make it possible for a child in poverty to attend the school.

You can help by sponsoring a child today, helping them get a quality education that will give them the opportunity to build a hopeful future.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done already!