A picture of the Bethel School in San Benito, Nicaragua built by Generation Rising

San Benito Gets A School

It’s truly a dream come true.

In just a few days, the Bethel Church in San Benito, Nicaragua will put on the finishing touches on the first Christian school in their community – something the parents have been praying and dreaming about for years!

Thanks to your generous donations during the summer campaign, the first four classrooms went up earlier than planned. The whole community pitched in to help with the build – including children, grandparents and volunteers from other churches in nearby towns.

This means that children who were previously not getting quality education will soon fill up the classrooms and be on the way up.

Because their moms fought for this school for years, and because you came alongside them, they will now learn to read and write – and have a better life. Just imagine what they will be able to achieve in their families, church, community and country as they grow up equipped with a good education and the values that Jesus taught.

The plan now is to start offering classes and grow the school along with the community. Their leaders, too, will grow with the school. As the children graduate from grade to grade, we will expand the school. And we hope to partner with you again to do so!

Thank you for your investment and your prayers – these are exciting times for the families in San Benito.

Bethel School in San Benito, Nicaragua by Generation Rising