A picture of two moms and three children standing in front of the Bethel School in San Benito, Nicaragua

Bethel School starts offering classes, partners with government clinic

Last week the Bethel School in Nicaragua opened its doors for the first time to an excited group of students – and the parents couldn’t be happier.

For now the school is offering a quality, Christ-centered education to children in two grades. As the first cohort of students moves up, the school will add one more grade every year.

A picture of a group of students inside a classroom at the Behtel School in Nicaragua.

Beyond just offering classes, the school is also the temporary site of a government health clinic that moved in a few weeks ago.

The doctors were forced out of their existing building due to some emergency repair to the infrastructure. Instead of shutting down for 5 months, they asked the Bethel School if they could use one room to keep offering women’s health services.

A picture of a nurse and an examination bed in one of the classrooms at the Behtel School in Nicaragua.

This partnership is a great opportunity for the Bethel School to not only build positive relationships with the local government, but also to gain exposure and meet many new moms who are now coming to the school for their checkups.

That’s a win-win for all!

Thank you for building the Bethel School! from Generation Rising on Vimeo.