A picture of the Piedra Viva School in Paraguay.

Creating room for more children in Paraguay

Since 2014, generous Canadians have supported the Piedra Viva School in Capiata, Paraguay by providing scholarships for children living in poverty.

Along the way, the school has taken in more and more students from families desperate to give their children a more hopeful future. Now, the school has run out of space.

A picture of the graduating students of the Piedra Viva School in Paraguay

The School: A Beacon Of Hope

The school started after Miriam Marin, along with her husband who is the pastor of the Piedra Viva Church, dreamed of a school in their community.

Capiata, a small town outside of Asuncion, is one of the more dangerous communities in the country. Known for the sale of cheap goods, gangs and drug abuse, the community is at risk.

Miriam knows just how important school is for the future of the children. Many families like her own struggle to raise their children. They have few opportunities and are afraid for the safety of their family.

As principal of the school, Miriam understands the challenges the families face. Today the school has more than 130 students from kindergarten to Grade 5. And they are out of space.

At the end of Grade 5 the students have no options. Far too often they will choose the streets and join a gang, lured by the dream of money and drugs. Right now there is no school for the children who have completed Grade 5.

Students at the Piedra Viva School in Paraguay

Expanding The School

We’ve worked with the community to create a plan for an addition to the school. The addition will create enough space for the children to continue their education.

The community and our team are praying we can start the addition in time for the graduating grade 5 class to start grade 6 in the new year.

The community is ready to start. They have committed to providing volunteer labour. They have little disposable income – but they are strong and energetic. Most of all, they are proud people.

And while they do not have the financial resources to build a school, on their own, they give all they can.

We need to raise $65,000 this year to build the school. But right now we need to raise the first $15,000 to build a retaining wall.

The school is located on the edge of a small creek that keeps eroding its banks every time it rains, threatening to wash away the foundation of the school. We want to build this school to last for years to come. The wall is the first step in building a place of hope that will stand the test of time

We’re grateful for your support. The bottom line is that a solid Christian education transforms the lives of the children – and the children transform their community. Thank you for investing in a more hopeful future for a generation that is rising!