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You can give a child a very special gift – a chance to go to school. Choose from this list of essential items – help us help another child reach their God-given potential!

teacherThanks for helping me get my teacher’s training. Teaching children who live in poverty is my purpose in life!
twinsGoing to school is a special gift to us! Our mom and dad could not pay for it… but a Canadian family is sponsoring us! Thank you!!! Jesus is taking care of us.
Gift 1_School Uniform

School Uniform – $40

The uniform is an answer to prayer for families who struggle to provide food and clothing for their children.


Gift 2_School Supplies

School Supplies – $70

Pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks and all the supplies a child needs to start the school year.


Gift 3_Meal Plan

Annual Meal Plan – $200

For some children, this one meal a day provides a full day’s nutrition. Hungry children cannot focus on their work.


Gift 4_Medical

Annual medical check-ups – $120

What a blessing for the family! Each child is monitored, making sure they are healthy and fit..


Gift 5_Training

Teacher Training – $300

Each teacher has a calling of God on their lives to teach the children of their community. Teacher training equips them to excel, giving them the tools they need to instruct the children.


Gift 6_Scholarship

Student Scholarship – $600

Whether you choose to give an annual gift of $600 or a monthly gift of $50, you are providing one child the opportunity to go to school! We will send you their photo and a little bit about them, as well as regular updates!


Gift 7_Library

Library/computer/musical instrument update – $200

Music and literature adds so much to a child’s life. It gives them skills they can use the rest of their life.


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Please match my gift, doubling the impact!

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