For many children in Latin America, going to school isn’t a given—much less getting a quality education. 

Many parents simply aren’t able to send their children to school. They do all they can to keep a roof over their family’s head and put food on the table, but there just isn’t enough left for anything else. 

That’s why we’re launching our first-ever Back To School gift guide where you can share God’s love with practical gifts to help a boy or girl get off the streets and into a classroom.

Daily Meal

Your gift will provide one healthy, balanced meal at school for children who often go hungry at home.
Give A Daily Meal

Birthday Gift

Birthday gifts are one of the joys of childhood. You can give a special gift to bless a child on their birthday.
$20.00 x
Birthday Gift


When you give textbooks, you’re helping children learn about the world around them.
$30.00 x
Give a Textbook

School Supplies

Your gift provides pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, and all the supplies a child needs to thrive at school.
$70.00 x
Give School Supplies

Annual Medical Check-ups

Many children don’t have access to regular healthcare. But with your help, each child at our school can access yearly checkups!
$120.00 x
Give A Medical Check-up

Train A Teacher

Each teacher at our schools has responded to a personal call from God in their lives.
$400.00 x
Train A Teacher

Provide A Scholarship


Every child has God-given talents. But not every child has the opportunity to use them.
When you come alongside a child by providing a full scholarship, you open the doors to a bright and positive future.
Your monthly gift provides everything the child needs to get a quality education, develop their full potential and be introduced to the life-changing love of God.

Mathias Ortiz Gonzalez

Age: 15
Grade: 10
School: Sinai
Country: Paraguay
Sponsor Mathias

Jose Trinidad Torales

Age: 14
Grade: 7
School: Sinai
Country: Paraguay
Sponsor Jose

Isaias Achucarro Ramirez

Age: 16
Grade: 10
School: La Amistad
Country: Paraguay
Sponsor Isaias

Your Scholarship provides:

  • A Christian education
  • Dedicated Christian teachers
  • After-school help and tutoring
  • Daily nutritional supplement
  • Regular health checkups
  • Sports, art, music and field trips

Every family is supported by:

  • Bible studies
  • Courses on financial literacy
  • Conflict resolution classes
  • Health and hygiene information
  • Seminars on family life and civics

You will receive:

A photo of and information of the child receiving the scholarship

Regular updates: two reports and new photos every year

When you provide a scholarship, not only do you help a child to go school, but you may become the only person to every pray for them.

Thank you for your kind and caring generosity. What a blessing you are to children living in poverty in Latin America!

We work with the local church in Latin America to help build and run Christ-centred schools that cater
exclusively to boys and girls living in extreme poverty. Your gifts are a critical part in helping provide a
quality education that introduces children to the love of God. All gifts featured in this gift guide represent
real items from our work, and the symbolic gift you choose will help equip each child and school with the
support they need most. Charitable donation receipts are issued to the donor for all gifts.