In this time of crisis, we need your help — more than ever.

COVID19 Emergency Appeal


Our schools are closed. Parents are losing the little employment they had. With no social safety net, and poor access to healthcare, they will rely on our help more than ever before. Teachers are working frantically to prepare home-schooling materials and connecting with each family.

Come what may, we are committed to keep every school operating to provide emergency help in the community. And we pray God would raise friends and donors to help our schools in Paraguay, Honduras and Nicaragua survive this time of crisis.

As COVID-19 reaches Latin America, we’re more thankful than ever for your friendship. Your support is making sure children living in extreme poverty aren’t forgotten during this crisis — and that they will have a school to return to.

As the situation develops rapidly, watch this page for updates on how we’re responding. And please consider making a gift to make sure our schools can respond with care and compassion to needs in the community — and make it through this time of crisis to resume classes when it's safe to do so.

March 20, 2020

As of today, we have closed all our schools in Paraguay and Honduras. Our schools in Nicaragua will likely close in the next few days. Covid-19 is a terrifying health emergency. Many of our children and their families live in some of the poorest slum communities.
If Covid-19 virus takes hold.... we can’t even imagine.
Please pray for each child, their parents, our staff team and teachers.
This is a very difficult time. In addition to the health risk, parents are extremely vulnerable to financial hardship. Some have already lost their jobs. With their children off school, they will no longer receive a free noon meal. We are talking with our teams right now, working towards some kind of aid for families.
We pray we can continue to pay our teachers and staff team during this crisis. But we need your help.
Every teacher is dedicated to the school, even though they receive a lower salary than at a public school. They are Christians and believe in the program. But without some kind of salary, they will be forced to leave and find other work. Worse, without a social safety net, they may end up extreme vulnerable.
This is a very serious situation.
The average cost to maintain a school of 300 students for 1 day is $500. Your gift, whether $20 or $5000, means we can care for families, teachers and staff during this terrifying crisis.