2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Share God's love with real gifts of Christ-centred education.

This Christmas, you can give a child living in poverty the gift of a Christian education; a gift that will transform their lives forever.

Daily Meal

Your gift will provide one healthy, balanced meal at school for children who often go hungry at home.
$1.00 x
Give A Daily Meal


COVID-19 spreads fast in slums. Help a child protect themselves by giving them a mask to stop the spread of the virus.
$5.00 x
Give A Mask


Give a child their first Bible, and let them know God loves them.
$10.00 x
Give A Bible

Emergency Food Hamper

Help feed a family for two weeks by providing an emergency food hamper that makes sure no child goes hungry.
$25.00 x
Give An Emergency Food Hamper


When you give textbooks, you’re helping schools teach a Christ-centred curriculum to boys and girls.
$30.00 x
Give a Textbook

School Uniform

The uniform is an answer to prayer for families who struggle to provide food and clothing for their children.
$40.00 x
Give A School Uniform

School Transport

Your gift will provide a school transport for one month that makes sure every child gest to school and back home, safely
$45.00 x
Give a School Transport

Send a Child to School

Your gift will provide one month of schooling for a boy or girl who would otherwise not be in a classroom.
$50.00 x
Send a Child to School

School Supplies

Pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, hand sanitizer, masks and all the supplies children need to return to school safely.
$70.00 x
Give School Supplies

Annual Medical Check-ups

With your help, each child in our schools is monitored throughout the year, making sure they are healthy and fit.
$120.00 x
Give A Medical Check-up

Back To School Bundle

This bundle includes masks, textbooks, meals for a month, schooling for a month, and school supplies.
$175.00 x
Give a Back To School Bundle

Annual Meal Plan

For some children, this one meal a day provides a full day's nutrition. Hungry children cannot focus on their work.
$200.00 x
Give An Annual Meal Plan

Train A Teacher

Your investment will equip teachers to provide the highest quality of education using a mix of in-person and remote teaching.
$400.00 x
Train A Teacher

Buy A Share To Fund A Generator

Your gift will ensure the school in Honduras has stable power throughout the day—and night, when parents come for bible study.
$500.00 x
Buy A Generator Share

Fully Fund A Generator

Your gift will ensure the school has stable power for children to learn throughout the day.
Fully Fund A Generator

Buy A Share To Build A New Classroom

Your gift will build a brand new classroom—including all materials, labour, electrical, paint and furniture.
$230.00 x
Buy A Classroom Share

Fully Fund A Classroom

Your gift will build a new classroom-including all materials, labour, electrical, paint, and furniture.
Fully Fund A Classroom

Buy A Share To Double Oasis School

Your gift will help to double the Oasis School over the next 12 months, adding new classrooms, washrooms and recreation space.
Buy A Share

Double the Oasis School

Your gift will help to double the Oasis School over the next 12 months, adding new classrooms, washrooms and recreation space.
Fully Fund the Balance

Ian Uriel Espinola Estigarribia

Age: 4
Grade: Kindergarden
Country: Paraguay
Sponsor Ian

Give the Entire Gift Guide

Give The Entire Gift Guide For $1901

Real gifts. Real kids. Real lives changed in Christ.

The gifts you purchase in this catalogue aren’t symbolic. They are real items in our budget for 2021-22. The pictures you see are real kids from our schools. When you put your love in action, you will deliver tangible help to children in Paraguay, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Other Ways to Give

By phone at 204-415-6836. Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm

By cheque payable to Generation Rising. Please mail cheques to 240-1965 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB. R2G 1P1

Through a donor advised fund (like Abundance Canada). Please contact us at hello@genrising.org

By e-transfer at hello@genrising.org

Gifts of stock, securities, and other assets. Please contact mike@genrising.org

To order a printed version of the catalogue, please call 204-415-6836 or email rachel@genrising.org