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You can help children left behind during the pandemic return to school — safely.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of the poorest children in Latin America behind. Families who were already struggling to provide for their children have lost everything, and are now starting from scratch.

They need our help right now.

There are so many boys and girls in Honduras, Nicaragua and Paraguay who want to go back to school — children who have been out of school for most of last year.

Just $50 provides everything a child needs to get off the streets and into a classroom for one month, including:

  • A place in school
  • Daily meals
  • Teachers that care for them and love them
  • Medical check-ups
  • Programing for the whole family
  • A chance to develop their God-given talents and skills

When you send a child back to school, you’re helping them learn to read and write. You’re helping them become a person that will one day build a better future for their own family.

And, you’re helping to introduce them to the life-changing love of God.

Every $50 you give will cover the cost of the first month back in school for a child — including everything they need to get quality education. How many children can you help?

  • $50 sends one child back to school
  • $100 sends 2 children back to school
  • $150 sends 3 children back to school
  • $200 sends 4 children back to school
  • $250 sends 5 children back to school
  • $300 sends 6 children back to school
  • $600 sends 12 children back to school
  • Your most generous gift joins with the gifts of others to send as many children back to school as possible

Thank you for your kind and caring generosity. What a kind and caring friend you are to children born into poverty in Latin America.

Other Ways To Give

  • By cheque payable to Generation Rising, 81 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R2L 1L2
  • By phone at 1-204-415-6836
  • By e-transfer. Please send payment to mike@genrising.org and make the default security answer “GenRising”
  • Through a Donor Advised Fund (like Abundance Canada). Please contact Rachel Buhler at rachel@genrising.org for more information.
  • By donating stocks, securities, a portion of your life insurance or other assets. Please contact Mike Duerksen at mike@genrising.org for more information.
  • By leaving a Gift In Your Will — something many people do to keep the values alive that were important to them throughout their lifetime.