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When you invest in a scholarship for a child, you help build a hopeful future by providing everything the child needs to get a quality education that will prepare them for life.

Picture of Melany


Age: 14
Grade: 9
Country: Paraguay

Picture of Dylan


Age: 7
Grade: 2
Country: Paraguay

A picture of Keren


Age: 10
Grade: 5
Country: Paraguay

A picture of Victor


Age: 3
Grade: Daycare
Country: Paraguay


Age: 14
Grade: 9

Melany is a friendly and happy girl. She is in the 9th grade at the Sinai School in San Lorenzo, Paraguay.

Melany lives with her mom and her siblings. Her dad left the family. Her mom works as a seamstress. Her brother needs constant care due to an illness, and Melany helps a lot with the household.

The income of the family is low and they struggle to cover all the household and health expenses. It’s hard for them to cover the basic family expenses of everyday life.

Melany loves coming to school and learning.

Fund Melany


Age: 7
Grade: 2

Dylan is a friendly boy who cares for his friends. He attends the 2nd grade at the Piedra Viva School in Capiata, Paraguay.

His dad works as an iron worker and his mom is learning how to decorate cakes and pastries. Dylan has two younger brothers. They love playing soccer together.

Dylan’s parents have a very low income but try very hard to provide for their children. The family lives in a small one-bedroom house.


Fund Dylan


Age: 10
Grade: 5

Keren is a cheerful and kind girl who attends the Piedra Viva School in Capiata, Paraguay.

She lives in a small house with her parents. Keren is the oldest child of the family and often babysits her little brother and sister.

A year ago, Keren suffered a serious accident when a big wheel fell on top of her. It was a miracle that she only broke her arm.

Her mom has a hard time finding employment, and her dad travels all over the country with a work crew that puts up poles for electric lines. It is a very low-paying job and the family really struggles to get by.

Keren loves music and is learning how to play the keyboard.


Fund Keren


Age: 3
Grade: Daycare

Victor is a happy child and lives with his family in a small house.

Both of his parents work as street vendors, walking through the traffic from early morning to the late afternoon selling goods to motorists. Their income is very low but they do everything they can to provide for Victor and his siblings.

Victor has many friends at the daycare. He loves to play and gladly shares his toys with his friends.

Fund Victor

How the program works

Generation Rising’s scholarship program helps children living in poverty get a quality education while introducing them to the love of God.

Every child has been given talents – but not every child has an opportunity to use them.

For $50 a month, you can help a child build a hopeful future.

Here’s how it works:

  • Children attend a Christian school where they not only find dedicated teachers, but also people who care for them deeply
  • Children receive after-school help and tutoring as needed
  • Children enjoy a daily healthy nutritional supplement
  • Children receive regular health check-ups
  • Children participate in sports, field trips and art programs where they get to be just kids
  • Children find hope in learning about the love of God
  • Parents of the children attend meetings where they learn about conflict resolution, financial literacy, health, hygiene, family life and civics.

Your experience

When you provide a scholarship for a child, you’ll witness how your help changes their life. You’ll receive:

  • A photo of your child and information about his or her family, school and community
  • Two updated pictures and reports per year informing you on how your child and his or her family are doing

Your relationship with your sponsored child can change their life – and yours, too. You can:

  • Write your child and send a photo, card or present
  • Pray regularly for your child and their family
  • Meet your child on a Generation Rising learning trip or an individual visit

Scholarship FAQs

How does my scholarship help the child?
Your scholarship helps a child get a quality education that introduces him or her to the love of God. Together with the parents’ contribution, it covers everything needed for the child to learn – from a uniform and textbooks to teacher training and school development.

Why do you call it a “co-investment” with the child’s family?
Because the parents of the student you support also contribute financially to the education of their child according to their means. Their contribution is often only a small amount, but it provides dignity for the parents when they know they are actively engaged in the education of their child and helping provide a better future.

Can I send letters to the child I support?
Yes, please do! It’s a rewarding experience and builds a friendship that lets the child know someone cares for them.

What should I write about?
Please keep your letters brief, warm and friendly. We will need to translate them, so please also write clearly.

  • Write about your family – and include a photo!
  • Write about the seasons — most children in our program have never seen snow and are fascinated by other countries
  • Acknowledge the child’s family
  • Write about how you’re thinking of them and praying for them
  • Encourage them in their school work
  • Consider including a small gift that fits in an envelope – stickers, photos, booklets and bookmarks are ideal.

Where do I send the letters for the child I support?
Please mail your letters to Generation Rising. We will then translate them and send them to our local coordinators who will deliver them to your child directly.

Because the mail system in the countries we work in can sometimes be very slow, please allow for at least two months before you’d like the letter to arrive.

Can I send a gift to the child I support?
Because of the high price of shipping to Latin America, we recommend that you make a donation to Generation Rising. Our in-country staff will then use your money to buy a gift for your sponsored child locally.

If you would like to send a special gift for your sponsored child, please contact us.

Can I visit the student I support?
Yes! A visit to the child is a rewarding way to see the benefits of your contribution – and a meaningful experience for the child you are supporting. Contact us at least three months before your intended departure date. To begin coordinating your visit, please contact us at or 204-415-6836.

You can also visit your supported child on one of our yearly learning trips.

Can I stop my scholarship?
You can stop funding your scholarships at any time. Please contact us at least two weeks before your next monthly payment at or 204.415.6836. We will continue supporting the child in our program until we can find another supporter to fund the scholarship.

What if my supported child leaves the program or graduates?
When your child leaves the program or graduates (congratulations on helping them get there!) we will send you a report explaining their situation and why they no longer receive a scholarship.

With your permission, we will also assign a new student to you to prevent a delay in helping another child. If you would prefer to stop your scholarship altogether or select a different child, please contact us at or at 204.415.6836.

About Generation Rising

Creating gateways out of poverty through education

Generation Rising is a registered charity in Canada and a certified 501(c)(3) organization in the USA committed to helping children in poverty get off the streets and into a classroom to get a quality education that introduces them to the love of God. We envision a world in which every child has the opportunity to build a hopeful future.

We partner with local churches in Latin America to build schools, create education programs, provide child scholarships and help equip families and parents through social programming.

Every dollar of your scholarship contribution goes towards the education of the children in our programs. Learn more about our approach