How a long daily commute in a cramped city bus is a blessing you’ve provided

Every morning at 4:30, Alexandra wakes up in the same room as her parents and two younger brothers. It’s time to get ready for school.

They jump on the bus and make their way through Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay. It takes the family over an hour to get to the PROED School where your support is allowing all three children to get a quality Christian education.

They’re happy to make the trip. It means their children have a chance to go to school. They only eat breakfast once they get to school. Then it’s off to class for the kids, and off to work for Alexandra’s parents. They both work menial jobs and find it hard to make ends meet. But thanks to you, they know their children will have a better future.

Because of your generosity, Alexandra and her brothers are learning how to read and write. They are developing their God-given skills and talents. And, in a few years when the children graduate, your generosity will have changed the future of the family in one generation.

And that’s worth every hour spent on a grimy city bus, and every 4:30 a.m. wake-up call. Thank you.