Beliefs & Values

Our Statement of Faith

We believe…

  • In God: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and that all Scriptures – both Old and New Testament – are the inspired Word of God and as such the ultimate authority for belief and behaviour.

  • That Jesus Christ became human, suffered, and was crucified for our sins. We believe in His resurrection. All persons who come to Him can have forgiveness of their sins, and receive eternal salvation.

  • That true faith will lead us into service to believers and unbelievers alike. The poor and destitute, ‘the least of these’, need us more now than ever.

  • That all women, children and men are created equally in the image of God, and that every human being is longing for community, dignity, and restoration with God the creator.

  • That all existence is created by God, and human life is sacred. Only God can give and take life. The deliberate taking of life by one human being of another, is therefore contrary to the will of God. We believe in the non-violent resolution of conflict.

  • That Christ commended the church to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature, baptizing and teaching those who believe.