About Us

Our Mission

To help children living in poverty get a quality, Christ-centered education.

Our Vision

A new generation of children building a hopeful future, creating positive change in their families, community and country.

What we do

Generation Rising (formerly known as Global Family Foundation) is a Christian organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Latin America through education.

We believe education empowers children to take charge of their own future, helping them lift their families out of poverty and become leaders that ignite change in their communities.

Together with you, we co-invest with communities in ParaguayNicaragua and Honduras in four core areas:


Our scholarship program is reserved for children who need it most, helping them get a quality education that introduces them to the love of God. Invest in a young leader today and help fund a scholarship.

Family Programming

We involved the entire family in the education process by investing in workshops for parents that focus on family life, financial literacy, hygiene, discipleship and more.

School Builds

A safe learning environment is essential for a quality education. We match local community contributions to build and expand affordable Christian schools that cater to the poor.

Teacher Training

Improving the quality of education starts with effective teachers. We help teachers achieve higher teaching certifications and improve pedagogy that includes Christ-centered curriculum.

We believe the poor are already finding ingenious ways to help themselves. And among the poor, there are churches and faith communities blessed with an entrepreneurial spark, a vision for educating their communities and a desire to introduce others to the love of God.

Education leads to higher income, improved health, gender equality and a better future.

Education provides higher income

A quality education can break the cycle of poverty. Globally, one year of schooling increases earnings by 10%. Children who receive an education are more likely to send their own children to school, preventing the transmission of poverty through generations.

Education leads to improved health

If all women completed primary education, the under-5 mortality rate would fall by 15% in low and lower middle income countries, saving almost a million children’s lives every year.

Education closes the gender gap

Girls who go to school are less likely to marry early or against their will. Education empowers women to make life choices and strengthens girls’ beliefs in their ability to achieve goals.

Education brings about a hopeful future

When all children have access to quality education, it creates a ripple effect of opportunity that influences generations to come. Education continues to be identified as one of the key conditions for determining peace within societies.

A young person with a good education and life skills can create a small business or find employment that will lift his or her family out of poverty.

A young person grounded in the Christian faith will develop the moral foundation necessary to create positive change in their families, communities and country.

We partner with local churches and communities to co-invest in affordable, private Christian schools that cater specifically to children living in extreme poverty.

In slums and rural hamlets across Latin America, these schools offer a robust education that is often far superior to the government alternative, when one exists.

They accept children of all faiths and backgrounds – and they never proselytize. But they are unwavering in their commitment to introduce children to the love of God.

And while they might not win any beauty pageants, these schools are often the best chance a boy or girl has of escaping the cycle of inherited generational poverty and becoming self-sustainable adults.

Together with you, we aim to come alongside communities and be catalysts in helping them deliver a quality education that will help a new generation build a hopeful future and rise above their circumstance.

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