Help build new classrooms so children who are left behind because of COVID-19 can return to school—safely.

Just $34.60 builds one square foot of the new classrooms, including all materials, labour, paint and furniture.

Can you help?

Yes, I want to help build a school!

You make all the difference

 Through scholarships, teacher training and building schools, children in Latin America can go to school. But more than that, every teacher and the curriculum is Christ-centred.

With your help, children are encouraged to learn and live the life Jesus modeled.

How You Can Help

Provide A Scholarship

Walk alongside a child by providing a scholarship. You will know the joy of equipping a child for a strong future. 

Build A School

By building a Christian school in a community struggling in poverty, you open doors of opportunity for boys and girls.

Train A Teacher

Well-trained Christian teachers are the foundation of every school. They lead the children by exemplifying Christ-like lives. 


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November 28, 6pm

She has the power to build a hopeful future. You have the power to help her.

Providing a scholarship is the best way to help a child living in poverty get an education and develop their God-given skills and talents.

Provide A Scholarship 

 You want the best for children in poverty. So do we.

Our prayer is to educate girls and boys to become men and women of honour,
becoming positive leaders in their family and community. Join us!