Through your generosity, you've given so many children the hope of a brighter future through education. But our partner schools want to reach so many more children.

Will you make a special gift to help reach more children like Maria?


Maria grew up in a broken home where she experienced violent physical abuse on a regular basis. The abuse started when she was very young. When she was just thirteen years old, Maria lost all hope and decided that life was not worth living anymore. 

There was only one glimmer of hope left. One last resort. And that was her teacher...


You see, thanks to generous Canadians like you, Maria had the opportunity to attend a high-quality Christian school in her neighbourhood. The school was completely different than anything else she knew. It was a place of safety and care, where she didn’t have to be afraid.

On the day that Maria had decided to end it all, she found the courage to reach out to her teacher. 

And, in that moment, her life changed forever. 

Maria’s teacher supported her, prayed with her and with time, Maria was able to give her life to Jesus.

The abuse at home did not stop. But now Maria had hope. She graduated from high school and she was baptized. Her church family helped her move out of her abusive home and get a job.  

God led Maria to the right person when her world turned dark. Her life was transformed because she was able to attend a school where her teachers not only cared for her, but they also introduced Maria to the life changing love of Christ.

But Maria’s story is not over. Maria now attends university. Thanks to your kindness and generosity, she has a scholarship to study Computer Science at a Christian university.

And Maria has a dream, a mission from God: “My idea is to start a school or a business or a foundation where, through technology, I can help other youth who have gone through the same situation as I have.”

The saving grace of God and your generosity have transformed Maria’s life forever! The impact of this transformation will be multiplied through the many lives that Maria will touch with her story and her vision. Thank you for being light for a child in need of hope and a future.

When you take the incredible step of generosity to sponsor a child, you can never truly know the impact you make in that child’s life. Maybe you are able to sponsor a child right now, or you’re in a place to help with a one-time gift. Either way, you are allowing children like Maria to meet Jesus and live up to their full potential. 

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