Suyapa’s heart now swells with hope for her children

Suyapa wants her children to have a better future, with more opportunities than she had.

When Suyapa was growing up in the rural region of Honduras, there was never a school nearby. Children who wanted to go to school had to travel very far to the city. Today, Suyapa and her husband make a living by farming. But that work depends so much on good weather. So there’s often not enough work for her husband. It’s not rare for Suyapa, her husband, and their two children to ration food for a few days. The family has chickens, which helps provide eggs and meat. But it’s still not enough.

She wants her kids to have a better future. She wants them to make enough money that they don’t have to worry about food. She wants them to have good jobs that make them happy and that allow them to support themselves—and to give back. 

Thanks to support from our caring donors, there is now a school in Suyapa’s mountain region of Honduras. And not just any school, it’s one where her kids can learn English AND about how much God loves them. How incredible is that?

Suyapa’s heart now swells with hope for her children. If this school did not exist, her children would need to take a long bus ride to go to school. That would cost money they just don’t have. But now there is a school nearby. And Suyapa got a job as a cleaner at the school. Now she can earn additional income for her family while her children learn!  

Together, we are giving kids a chance their parents didn’t have and we are building a better future for kids in Latin America.