Restoring Hope: Maria's Journey to Redemption

“My idea is to start a school or a business or a foundation where, through technology, I can help other youth who have gone through the same situation as I have.”

These are the words of Maria—a student from one of the schools you support in Paraguay.

The following story is not an easy read, but it solidifies why the support you provide is needed.

Maria was born into a broken home where she experienced frequent physical abuse that started at a very young age.

The abuse was so often that when she was just thirteen years old, she decided that her life was no longer worth living.

In that very moment of despair, the Lord gave her the courage to reach out to a teacher at a school. A school that just so happens to be one of our partner schools.

It reminded us that had it not been for this work, the world would have lost a fearfully and wonderfully made child of God.

The conversation between Maria and her teacher lit a fire in her heart and reminded her of her worth.

Without giving it all away— thanks to your generosity, Maria is now able to fulfill the mission that God has placed in her heart through her studies at a local Christian university.

Maria’s story is all too similar to that of others, although it may not be along the lines of taking a life, we can all relate to a time where we lost all hope.

Can you relate to Maria’s story? Has there been a time when you had lost hope and thought you had nowhere to turn?

Maria’s life is one of the many that have been transformed because of your help.

Our prayer is that it ignites your faith in God and the purpose he has for you, too.