Your Kind Heart is Changing Carlos’ Life

Everyday that Carlos attends the White Dove School in Santa Clara, Honduras he is part of an unlikely story.

Santa Clara is a sleepy town off the beaten path in the western highlands of Honduras. There are very few jobs in this isolated community. Carlos’ father works hard as a subsistence farmer but makes a meager income. The family all share one bedroom in their small home.

But, thanks to you, the future is wide open for Carlos and the 130 other students that attend the White Dove School. They are very aware that the high quality education they are receiving at their school is unheard of in this region.

Not only does Carlos get a high quality education in Spanish. He also learns English, which will dramatically increase his opportunities in the future. Carlos’ older cousins did not have the chance to receive a quality education. They travel up to two hours every day to work in factories for minimum wage.

For thirteen year old Carlos, opportunity beckons. He loves English grammar and he loves math: “I like it because everything has specific rules. I like it when we solve a math problem. I like that, with God’s help, we can do all of our assignments.”

Carlos is filled with gratitude for his school. Carlos says “the school is very pretty, you learn a lot, you are going to have a better future and you can even learn English, and English is a language that you really need now. You are going to learn a lot.”

Thanks to your care and compassion, Carlos' future looks bright! Carlos dreams of becoming an architect. His studies at the White Dove School are opening the door to a new life for Carlos and his family.