You’ve helped Eduardo get to the head of the class!

Meet Eduardo. He has moved from sitting in the class to standing at the front, but that is not how his story started.

Before he became the teacher, he was a student in a classroom that people like you helped create!

Now, when he’s teaching, he sees himself in the desks and gets flashbacks to how challenging it was for him to get to where he is today.

How tough it was to come from a family where no one has finished school and everyone’s betting on you to be the successful one.

Thanks to compassionate donors like you, Eduardo's dreams of attending university became a reality. With a scholarship covering half of his tuition fees, he could afford to be the first in his family to pursue a college education.

I hope you can see that your ongoing support goes beyond building schools and getting children into a quality Christian school. You are shifting perspectives, supporting personal growth and introducing young people to the fact that they have a purpose on this earth.

Eduardo aspires to use his education not only to make a good living to support his family but to also be like you, someone who uses their resources to help others.

“There are thousands of young people who are looking for an opportunity to change their lives, and I was one of all of those thousands who was lucky enough to change my life. I hope that one day you will have the opportunity to see our faces, to learn who each of us are who are benefitting from all of this. My goal is to help others, just like you are doing”

As of 2024, Eduardo's achievements extend beyond student life—he now serves as a teacher and role model to students in a Generation Rising school in his hometown.  All thanks to generous Canadians like you!

The impact of this transformation will be multiplied by the many lives that Eduardo will touch with his story and his vision. Thank you for being a bridge between challenges and opportunities for this teacher and many others to come.