When her world was crumbling you gave her something to hold onto

When we caught up with Anna and her family in 2023, we learned that her father had recently lost his job, adding financial strain to the family.

“Sometimes we have to knock on the doors of people from church or our friends. And they give us the basic things we need to live and we get by."

Ana’s father explained life was a delicate balancing act of prioritizing expenses, including Ana's school fees, electricity, and water bills.

In response, Ana's mother took on extra work, earning $6 a week by doing laundry, by hand, for another family.

Because of these financial struggles, Ana's spot at school could have been jeopardized.

When parents face financial or health challenges, it can cost a child their chance at a brighter future. But Ana's parents were determined to make sure, no matter what, that their daughter would be able to continue to go to the Oasis school.

Now, in March 2024, there's good news to share.

Ana's father has found stable employment, bringing relief to the family.

Because of your generosity, Oasis was a lifeline during times where there seemed to be no hope.

Your devotion to supporting the Oasis school in Paraguay was the light at the end of the tunnel for Ana's family.

Throughout these difficult times, Ana's teachers supported her and strengthened her faith. So much so that Ana continues to find comfort in her church community, where she participates in worship and plays the bass guitar.

Your help played a crucial role in Ana's journey, providing a place of stability and hope for the future when things weren’t looking too good for her family.

Unfortunately, these situations are common in many Latin American families. Many parents have to leave their families behind and go find a job in another country, one that pays enough to support their family.

Some parents get involved in gangs and end up in jail. Others simply leave, leaving their children to be raised by grandparents, who might be struggling with health issues.

These children face uncertain futures, especially when it comes to getting an education. Thank you for your faithfulness in supporting these girls and boys.

Because when you step in to support these children, everything changes.

A quality, Christian education in a supportive and loving environment can interrupt the cycle of poverty and transform lives for future generations.