Equip teachers… they are the foundation of educational success

Each teacher has responded to a personal call from God on their lives. They are dedicated to Christ and their work is an outpouring of their worship.

Every teacher receives a $1,500 scholarship towards courses and teacher’s education.

This is extremely important. Your gift makes possible for teachers to increase their skill. Few can afford the cost of upgrading their education, so this scholarship subsidizes their training, reducing the burden of educational costs.

Meet Miriam Benitez

Miriam loves teaching and has followed God’s call to lead the youth in her community become influencers of change in her nation. Pray for Miriam. She is defending her thesis and truly desires that God would help her be a better teacher and leader in her school, PROED school, Paraguay.

Meet Jorge Alegre

Teaching the young music and computer classes, Jorge looks forward to upgrading his education, making sure he keeps up to date with IT and computer systems. These skills are critical to the children in his community and the courses he teaches prepares his students for a positive future. Together with his wife, he leads the church youth leaders and a small group.

Meet Claudia Mabel

Claudia looks forward to upgrading her degree and preparing to teach in her community. She prays she can serve her community as a teacher and follow the call of God as a leader.