This Christmas, you can give a child living in poverty the gift of a Christian education: a gift that will transform their life forever!

Meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children living in poverty is a powerful way of sharing the love of Jesus. 

And isn’t that what Christmas is all about? 

Best part: you can choose whichever gifts touch your heart, at a price point that feels right for you. 

No matter which you pick, a child will benefit. Their future will be forever changed!

Simply browse through the items below and add the ones you want to your cart. Then, follow the prompts to make your donation. 

Thank you! May God bless you this holiday season. 


You can give a child their very first Bible—with their name written in it.
$10.00 x
Give A Bible

Sports Equipment

With your gift, you can provide sports equipment like soccer balls, skipping ropes, and pylons for children to be active and hav
$15.00 x
Give Sports Equipment

Art Supplies

Your gift of art supplies, like paint and paintbrushes, can help encourage a child’s imagination and colour their world.
$25.00 x
Give Art Supplies


When you give textbooks, you’re helping schools teach a Christ-centred curriculum that gives children the opportunity to pursue
$30.00 x
Give A Textbook

Daily Meal

Your gift will provide healthy, balanced meals at school for children who often go hungry at home.
Give A Daily Meal


When you provide a uniform for a child returning to school, you’ll be an answer to prayer for a mom and dad who struggle to prov
$40.00 x
Give A Uniform

School Transport

Your gift will provide transportation to and from school for one month, making sure that every child arrives safely and on time.
$45.00 x
Give School Transport

School Supplies

Your gift provides pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks, and all the supplies a child needs to return to school.
$50.00 x
Give School Supplies

Musical Instruments

You can help children learn how to create music of their own through instruments like the recorder or the guitar.
Give a Recorder or Guitar

Classroom Supplies

You can give access to the necessities of a classroom and set up students and teachers to make the most of their learning.
$80.00 x
Give Classroom Supplies


This Christmas, your gift of tools like rakes, spades, and wheelbarrows can help students learn about God’s amazing creation.
Give Gardening Tools

Health Checkups

With your help, children at our schools can receive yearly checkups so they can stay healthy.
$120.00 x
Give Health Checkups

Back To School Bundle

This Christmas, you can give a boy or girl everything they need to succeed at school this new year—textbooks, meals for a month,
$110.00 x
Give a Back To School Bundle

Teacher Training

Your gift can provide essential training that allows teachers to do their best work possible for their students.
$400.00 x
Give Teacher Training


Your gift this Christmas can help students like Junior learn the basic computer skills that will help them go to university and
$500.00 x
Give a Computer

Finishing Touches

Your gift will ensure the school has stable power for children to learn throughout the day.
$225.00 x
Finishing Touches

Construction Items

Your generosity will forever be etched in the bricks and mortar of these schools.


$78.50 for one square foot
$78.50 x

Roof Tiles and Beams

$10 for one square foot
$10.00 x
Roof Tiles

Light Fixture

$66.00 x
Light fixture

Stair Railing

$116 for one meter
$116.00 x
Stair Railing

Ceiling Fan

$188.00 x
Ceiling Fan

Classroom Door

$171.00 x
Classroom Door


$310.00 x

Classroom Bundle

Your gift of $9,175 can build an entire 450 square foot classroom!
$9,175.00 x
Classroom Bundle

Everyday, children living in poverty are looking for safety and security

You can help them find it by joining The Classroom today!

With a gift each month of any amount you choose, you can join children in their classrooms as they receive a quality, Christ-centred education.

Each and every month, you’ll be making sure they have the supplies they need to succeed like pencils and paper, textbooks, uniforms, lunches—even an annual medical check up!

And you’ll be helping them learn about the incredible love God has for them…

…All for an affordable, monthly cost.

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