This Christmas, 100 boys and girls in San Lorenzo, Paraguay want to go to school, but can’t. There simply isn’t enough room for them.

…Your compassion can make room.

Every morning, as Amira heads off to school, her little sister watches longingly. She wants to join her—and she should be able to! She’s old enough and she’s ready. 

But she’s one of 100 boys and girls in San Lorenzo, Paraguay who can’t. There just isn’t enough room for them at the Sinai School. 

You can change that!

Your gift of $47 this Christmas can build one square foot of new classrooms — classrooms that will allow Amira’s little sister, and the 99 other precious children just like her, get a quality education. And that includes all the materials, labour and furnishings! 

But that’s not even the best part: thanks to a generous group of Generation Rising donors, your gift will be DOUBLED! That means your gift of $47 to build one square foot of a new classroom actually becomes $94 to build TWO square feet! 

An amazing investment in the bright futures of these children. 

The permits are approved and materials are ready. The last thing we need is your generous heart to start building. 

And we need to start building soon!

In Latin America, the new school year begins in February. That’s less than 90 days away! 

Every year that children like Amira’s little sister aren’t in school is a year they don’t get back. 

Your caring gift this Christmas can make sure no more time is wasted — that when Amira heads off to school in February, her little sister will be right beside her.

Please consider making room in your heart this Christmas for children who desperately want to go to school in San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Thank you!