Help save the Oasis School from closing — and make sure children won’t lose their place in school because of COVID-19.


For a Limited Time, Your Gift is Matched

Yes, I will help save the Oasis School


Your generosity today will make sure children aren’t left behind during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis is threatening to close the doors of the Oasis School in Paraguay. In order to save the school — and make sure children won’t lose their only chance to get a quality education — we need generous Canadians like you to step in and help. Please consider giving to help the school stay open to provide quality Christian education to children living in poverty.

Due to COVID-19, the future of the Oasis School is in peril. 

Classes are cancelled. Parents lost the menial jobs they had. With no laptops and access to internet, continuing school online is impossible. Teachers are doing what they can, walking from home to home to distribute homework and check in with children.

But there simply isn’t enough income to sustain the school.

Like any building, the school requires regular upkeep and maintenance.  And we have pledged to continue paying all the teachers and social workers — local Christian men and women who are giving their life in service of the children they educate.

That’s why you’re needed.

A group of generous donors — a business owner from Edmonton, a farmer in Saskatchewan and a family from Winnipeg — have pledged to match every dollar you give, up to a total of $70,000.

Please give now to save the Oasis School from closing its doors — and make sure children won’t lose their only place in school.

Your gift of any amount joins with the gifts of caring and committed people of faith like you across Canada — defenders of children who believe every boy and girl deserves the chance to develop their God-given skills and talents.

Yes, I want to save the Oasis School