Our Approach

We co-invest with local churches, organizations and community leaders who are providing life-changing quality education to children living in poverty in:

Paraguay NicaraguaHonduras


We provide education scholarships that provide everything a child needs for a full year of school. This education is often the best chance a boy or girl has of escaping the inherited life of generational poverty. Fund a scholarship for a deserving child today.


An effective teacher means that our students are receiving a high quality education. We provide teachers with an interactive methodology through training, coaching and workshops that include development of Christ-centered curriculum and servant leadership. We also provide financial assistance for teachers to help them achieve higher certifications.


We work with communities struggling in poverty to build, expand or improve an affordable Christian school. Offering a robust education, these schools are often run by local churches, community leaders or nonprofit organizations. Students in our schools score an average 30% higher than in government schools.


We engage the entire family in the learning process by funding regular workshops for parents that focus on family life, financial literacy, health, hygiene, coping skills and more.

We always co-invest

We believe helping people works best when they want to help themselves and are actively part of the process.

We always share project development responsibilities with each local partner. Whether it’s a school construction, teacher training or education scholarships, community members and parents are expected to co-invest with us by providing funds, materials or sweat equity (donation of labour and time) according to their means.

Some parents can only afford to contribute very little to the education of their child, but it provides them with dignity by actively involving them in building a better future for their child.

This model gives the local community ownership of the project and a real stake in its success, leading to long-term sustainability.

We invest in local leadership

We act as a catalyst for local initiatives, building on the leadership, capacities, knowledge and skills they already have.

By investing in building the capacity of the local leadership, we strive to help communities move toward self-sustainability on their own terms.

We welcome everyone

Our schools are Christian institutions, but we are committed to serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality or gender.

We measure results

Understanding when schools and programs aren’t functioning helps us learn how to make them more successful. We ensure each project is carefully monitored and frequently check up on our work in the field.

We are committed to measuring results to hold ourselves accountable not only to our donors but also to the children we serve.

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